Proper underlayment & ventilation help keep your home dry & protected from the elements

This week is Part 3 of our four-part series.

While underlayment provides extra protection for your roof and defends against moisture, ventilation supports air flow into and out of the attic space.

Synthetic underlayment is the next line of defense before installing shingles. This product is important because if there were ever a storm that was not safe to get onto your roof you are protected even if shingles blew off. Synthetic underlayments come in a wide variety, you can choose UV resistant or with materials that are more suitable for safer working conditions

Ventilation when done correctly should keep extreme heat out of your living spaces and make your home feel cooler during the hot summers. We install attic venting as required. We may cut additional vents for proper air flow in your attic. Bathroom and dryer venting may also be looked at for proper installation and condensation issues.

If your home feels too hot consider increasing the attic air flow. This will allow your roof to last the manufacturer’s warranty and help reduce attic rain during the coldest temperatures.

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