Attic Insulation & Ventilation

Attic Insulation & Proper Ventilation

Attic insulation & proper ventilation is often overlooked because it’s not seen but can actually provide a lot of benefits with the proper R-value. Humidity in the home creates condensation on windows or even the attic when temperatures drop. It’s important to look inside your attic during these cold temperatures so that you can see conditions before they become problems. It’s normal to have light frost in the attic but if you see thick build up or unusual amounts of frost near your exhaust fans or soffits then the ventilation requires attention.

Ceiling stains, cold space, insulation upgrades and leaks are all issues that may indicate a problem in the attic. Having these types of issues can result in major damages to your interior but can be avoided by having the professionals take a look. DiamondCut Roofing can help you inspect any concerns you may have.

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Attic Insulation & Proper Ventilation

Did you know that over the years “attic rain” lessens your Insulation value? Alberta’s recommended R-value for attics is R-60
(20 inches or better).

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Preventing Humidity in Your Attic

Check your humidifier settings and set to outdoor temperatures. The humid air in your home can cause damage to your exterior walls, attic, window sills and trim. In the winter, check your attic for any build up or ice forming in your attic. Leaks are often caused by a lack of insulation and poor exhaust hook ups. .

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Attic Insulation & Ventilation FAQs

Yes, we can remove roof decking to access your attic. This way we have no foot traffic inside your home and have the help onsite for attic insulation upgrades.
Our professionals can remove and replace roof decking. Contact us for a detailed assessment of your roofing needs.