Let’s Talk About Your Roofing Needs

Welcome to The DiamondCut Roofing Blog. Here we hope to stay connected with you, our residential and commercial roofing (and siding) customers. By posting here it will allow us to share information and tips to help improve and maintain your home’s or business’ appeal.

Needless to say, having a well working roof is a critical component of your home or business, but often out of sight, out of mind. Our four-part post series will roll out over a period of weeks (pre- and post- the upcoming Christmas break!) and will discuss how roofing installations are important for all weather conditions, the need for each project to be thought out, the process that needs to be followed, and the most effective materials and products that will perform best for your unique circumstances.

The four specific areas we’re going to cover include:

  1. Roof Decking
  2. Drip Edge
  3. Underlayment & Ventilation
  4. Shingles

We hope you’ll find our blog post information useful and know that we’re here to handle every roofing project, including emergency calls, roofing updates, new constructions, and commercial projects of all sizes.

If you happen to be ready to get your roofing project underway, and want to arrange an appointment for a FREE estimate, please get in touch at (587) 229-8076 or info@diamondcutroofing.ca. We look forward to meeting you.

Check back often for the first of our four posts — Roof Decking.