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Temporary Roof Patching Services in Calgary

Roof issues such as leaks and damages usually occur at the worst times. For instance, you may be low on cash and all of a sudden, you start noticing drips in various areas. In case you can’t afford a full roof repair or replacement, you can always consider our temporary roof patching services. We include this in our emergency roof repair solutions because this is a problem that needs urgent response. 

Temporary Roof Patching Services in Calgary

What is Temporary Roof Patching?

Temporary roof patching means doing a quick fix on a damaged roof to stop leaks or prevent further damage. It’s like putting a bandage on a wound until a proper repair can be done. The idea is to stop water from getting in and causing more problems, even though it’s not a permanent solution. It’s like a temporary fix until a proper fix can be made.

DiamondCut Roofing Approach to Temporary Roof Patching

Because we are the best roofing contractors in Calgary, our technicians follow a unique process when it comes to temporary roof patching. Our goal is to ensure we get the job done to perfection and in the shortest time possible. Here’s what to expect when you contact us; 

1. Inspection

Our team of skilled roofers begins by conducting a thorough assessment of the damaged area. We inspect the roof to identify the extent of the damage and pinpoint the areas that require immediate attention.

2. Preparation and Cleaning

Before applying any patch, we clean and prepare the damaged area. We remove any debris, dirt, or loose materials from the damaged section to ensure the patch adheres effectively.

3. Application of Patching Material

Using high-quality roofing cement, sealants, or specialized patches, we apply the appropriate temporary patching material to the damaged area. We ensure that the patch is securely placed, covering the affected part to prevent further leaks and damage.

4. Sealing and Reinforcement

We make sure the patch is properly sealed to create a waterproof barrier, preventing water from seeping through. Additionally, we reinforce the edges of the patch to enhance its durability and effectiveness during adverse weather conditions.

5. Follow-Ups

After completing the temporary roof patching, we communicate the status of the repair to our clients, providing them with details about the temporary solution and recommending further actions for a permanent fix. We also schedule follow-up appointments to discuss and plan for long-term roofing solutions to ensure the roof’s integrity and safety.

What Materials Do We Use for Temporary Roof Patching?

DiamondCut Roofing strictly sticks to high-quality materials when it comes to temporary roof patching. Here is a sneak peek of some of the materials we may use on your project. Please note that properties in Calgary have different roofing materials and designs, so we may use one or a combination of the materials below; 

1. Roofing Cement

Roofing cement, also known as mastic or plastic roofing cement, is a popular material for temporary roof patching. It’s a thick, sticky substance that adheres well to various roofing materials, creating a watertight seal. Roofing cement is often used to cover small cracks, holes, or gaps in the roof.

2. Tarpaulin or Roof Tarps

Roof tarps made of heavy-duty, waterproof materials are commonly used for temporary roof patching. They provide immediate protection by covering larger damaged areas and preventing water infiltration. Tarps are secured in place to keep the damaged section dry until a permanent repair can be arranged.

3. Roofing Sealants

Roofing sealants come in liquid or caulk-like form and are effective for sealing cracks, joints, and seams in the roof temporarily. They provide a flexible and weather-resistant barrier, ensuring water doesn’t penetrate the damaged area.

4. Patch Kits

Patch kits designed specifically for roofing repairs include pre-cut patches made from durable materials such as asphalt-impregnated fabric or reinforced mesh. These patches are coated with adhesive and can be applied to holes, tears, or punctures in the roof.

5. Emergency Roofing Tape

Emergency roofing tape is a sticky, waterproof tape made of strong materials like butyl rubber or other synthetic polymers. It’s suitable for sealing small leaks, cracks, or holes in the roof and offers a temporary fix until proper repairs can be made.

Why Choose DiamondCut Roofing for Temporary Roof Patching Services?

A DIY temporary roof patch is possible. But you need to evaluate certain factors such as risk, professionalism and effectiveness. When you choose DiamondCut Roofing, you’re guaranteed of a professional patched-up roof. And even though it’ll be temporary, it will serve you well until you can arrange for a proper repair. Check out more reasons why we are the leading provider of temporary roof patching in Calgary; 

Local Knowledge and Understanding

As a roofing company based in Calgary, DiamondCut Roofing has a deep understanding of the local climate, weather patterns, and roofing challenges specific to the region. This local knowledge allows us to tailor our temporary patching solutions to effectively combat the unique environmental factors that may impact your roof.

Safety First Approach

Safety is a core value at DiamondCut Roofing. During temporary roof patching, we prioritize the safety of our team and your property. We adhere to industry safety standards and employ best practices to ensure a secure working environment, minimizing risks and accidents during the repair process.

Efficient Project Management

Our project management approach is streamlined and efficient, ensuring that temporary roof patching is carried out in a timely and organized manner. We aim to minimize disruptions to your daily routine while effectively addressing the immediate roofing issues to prevent further damage.

Long-Term Relationship Building

DiamondCut Roofing values long-term relationships with our clients. Our commitment to quality temporary patching services is not just about the immediate fix but also about establishing trust and reliability for any future roofing needs. We aim to be your go-to roofing partner for both temporary and permanent solutions.

Comprehensive Roofing Services

Beyond temporary roof patching, DiamondCut Roofing offers a wide range of roofing services. Should your temporary patch require further attention or if you need a complete roof repair or replacement, we can seamlessly transition into providing the necessary permanent roofing solutions, ensuring continuity and consistency in service.

Customer Education and Guidance

We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge about their roofs and the repairs being conducted. DiamondCut Roofing takes the time to explain the temporary patching process, the materials used, and any recommended follow-up actions. We provide guidance to help you make informed decisions regarding your roof.

Temporary Roof Patching Solutions for Both Commercial and Residential Properties in Calgary

Whether you have a business building or your own home, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is simple: to quickly and effectively patch up any roof damage to prevent further problems. We use quality materials and experienced roofers to make sure your roof stays dry and secure until a more permanent solution can be arranged. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we’re here to provide reliable help when you need it. And you’ll be glad to know that our temporary roof patching solutions are available to both residential and commercial properties all over Calgary, Alberta. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of roof damage can be temporarily patched?

Our temporary roof patching services can address various issues, including minor leaks, cracks, punctures, and small holes in the roof.

How long does a temporary roof patch last?

The duration of a temporary roof patch varies based on the extent of the damage and weather conditions. Our patches are designed to provide effective protection until a permanent repair or replacement can be arranged.

Can I trust the temporary patch to keep my property safe from leaks?

Yes, our temporary patches are applied using quality materials and professional workmanship to effectively stop leaks and prevent further water damage to your property.

Is temporary roof patching a cost-effective solution?

Yes, temporary roof patching is a cost-effective solution compared to extensive roof repairs. It offers immediate protection at a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement.

What steps should I take after getting a temporary roof patch?

After a temporary roof patch, we recommend scheduling a follow-up for a thorough inspection and assessment. We’ll discuss potential long-term solutions to ensure the integrity of your roof.

Can I upgrade my temporary patch to a permanent repair with DiamondCut Roofing?

Absolutely! If you wish to upgrade to a permanent solution or need further roofing services, we’re more than happy to discuss and arrange the necessary steps to address your roofing needs effectively.

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Stephen and his team were very professional and did great work. Roof and detached garage were completed quickly and there was no mess to clean up. Highly recommend!
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Blair Lilley
We're such a great company to work with
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cory akins
Professional, affordable, and great work.
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Captain Superawesome
Great service, very professional
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Chris Conrod
Steve and his team are excellent and very professional. I would recommend to use them for any roof related services!
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Hussain Mohammed Ali
Steve and his team provided excellent service for our flat roof replacement. Clean up of old tar and gravel roof was done quickly with minimum disruption and then new roof was installed in a matter of days. Communication was excellent and if any/all questions were answered as required. While I hope we don't need another roof for a long time, I would not hesitate to use DiamondCut again.
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Tobias Linder
We employed their services, no regrets. Solid & thorough
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Victor Wokekoro
Solid company with an awesome owner. Great work done right!
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Cory Tanner
Stephen was great to work with. The job was completed as discussed, cleanup was good and the invoice was as expected. I highly recommend DiamondCut Roofing!! Thanks Stephen!
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