There are two scenarios that call for a new roof installation; you’re in the process of building a new home in Calgary or your current roof has outlived its usefulness. Whichever the case, it’s crucial to partner with a reliable residential roofing contractor if you want a durable and aesthetically appealing roof. One of the questions we often get from our clients is – how much does it cost to install a new roof in Calgary? If you’ve been wondering about the same, you’re in luck because today we’ll be sharing the latest rates for roof installation costs. 

What is the Average Cost of a New Roof in Calgary?

1. Asphalt Shingles

Out of all roofing materials, asphalt shingles are the most popular option in Calgary. The average cost of installing an asphalt shingle roof on your house is around $12,000. However, this price can go as low as $5,000 and as high as $38,000 depending on the size of the roof and a couple of other factors which we’ll discuss in detail later on. 

Be as it may, asphalt shingle roofs are quite durable and can serve you for more than three decades. This is as long as you engage in proper care and maintenance. The other thing we like about asphalt shingles is that they are available in many colors and textures. Plus, you can find one that matches the ones on your home’s exterior.

2. Metal Roofs

Of late, metal roofs are gaining a lot of popularity in Calgary. And you can expect to part with around $20,000 if you would prefer to have it installed on your home. Even though metal roofs are a bit more expensive than traditional roofing materials, they come with lots of unique properties such as being energy-efficient, durable and stylish. According to realtors in Calgary, a metal roof can also increase the resale value of your home. 

As if that’s not enough, metal roofs need minimal care and maintenance. They are also resistant to strong winds which are very common in Calgary.

3. Wood or Cedar Shake Roof

There’s something unique about having a cedar shake roof. And if you are into timeless designs, this is an excellent option. If you would prefer a wooden roof, you’ll have to part with an average of $15,000. But as you evaluate this price, it’s important to keep in mind that cedar shake roofs are quite beautiful and aren’t very common in most neighborhoods in Calgary. 

So, this material will definitely make your home stand out. And it will also boost its value. Besides that, a cedar shake roof is an eco-friendly choice and its energy efficient. With proper care, it can also serve you for many years.

4. Slate Roofs

For those of you who may not be familiar, slate is a natural material that closely resembles stone. Slate roofs, just like metal roofs are also increasingly becoming popular in Calgary. Most homeowners love them because they come in many colors and patterns. So, it’s easy to find a design that best suits your preferences. They are also quite durable. 

If you’re interested in a slate roof, expect to part with around $22,000 to $37,000. Yes, they are a bit costlier than other materials but they come with a lot of impressive features and benefits.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a New Roof in Calgary?

Roofing Materials

The type of roofing material you choose will heavily affect the cost. As you can see above, each roofing material comes with a different price range.

Roof Size and Complexity

The size and shape of your roof, as well as its complexity (e.g., multiple levels, dormers, chimneys), will affect the amount of material required and the labor involved. A larger or more complex roof will generally cost more to install or replace.

Roof Pitch and Slope

Steeper roofs with a higher pitch often require more safety precautions and additional labor, which can increase the cost of installation.

Roofing Contractor

The roofing contractor’s experience, reputation, and expertise can influence the cost. Established contractors with a good reputation may charge more for their services.

Permits and Regulations

Obtaining necessary permits and complying with local building codes and regulations may incur additional costs. Permit fees and compliance requirements can vary based on the area and the specific regulations in Calgary.

Roofing Underlayment and Insulation

The type and quality of roofing underlayment and insulation you choose can impact the cost. High-quality underlayment and insulation can provide better protection and energy efficiency but may come at a higher cost.

Ventilation and Venting Systems

Proper ventilation is important for the longevity and performance of your roof. Installing or upgrading ventilation systems can add to the overall cost.

Repair and Preparation Work

Any required repairs to the existing roof, as well as preparation work such as removing the old roof, disposing of debris, and making necessary structural adjustments, can add to the cost.

Get a New Roof at Affordable Rates

On average the cost of a new roof in Calgary ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. As mentioned above, there are plenty of factors that can determine how much you may have to part with. If you’re interested in a new roof installation, then you need to partner with a roofing contractor like DiamondCut Roofing. We offer quality residential roofing services at affordable rates. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your upcoming roofing project.