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In Calgary, commercial property owners are increasingly embracing green roofing solutions. The allure of green roofing lies in its ability to harmonize modern development with environmental responsibility. Calgary, a city known for its eco-conscious community, sees green roofs as a proactive step toward sustainability. 

DiamondCut Roofing is committed to providing a clear pathway to environmentally responsible roofing through our distinguished green roofing services. With our expertise and dedication, we bring you a roofing alternative that stands tall for its clarity in purpose, dedication to sustainability, and commitment to a greener future. Contact us today to explore how our green roofing services can make a positive impact on your commercial building and the environment.

What is Green Roofing

What is Green Roofing?

Green roofing, also known as vegetative or living roofing, involves the installation of a vegetation layer on the roof of a building. Initially, this practice was mostly embraced by homeowners. But today, it’s one of our frequently requested commercial roofing services. The reason behind that is because this innovative roofing solution is not only aesthetically pleasing but also boasts a multitude of environmental and economic benefits.

Environmental Benefits

Reduced Urban Heat Island Effect: Green roofs absorb heat and reduce the urban heat island effect, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable urban environment in Calgary.

Improved Air Quality: The vegetation on green roofs acts as a natural filter, absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen, thereby improving air quality.

Stormwater Management: Green roofs help minimize stormwater runoff by absorbing and retaining rainwater, thus reducing stress on city drainage systems and preventing water pollution.

Carbon Dioxide Reduction: Plants on the roof absorb carbon dioxide, providing a natural solution to combat climate change.

Economic Benefits

Reduces Energy Consumption: Green roofs are natural insulators which reduce the need for excessive heating and cooling, thus lowering energy bills.

Extended Roof Lifespan: The vegetation layer protects the roofing material from the elements, extending the life of the roof and reducing maintenance costs.

Increased Property Value: Green roofing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, contributing to higher property values and attracting potential buyers or tenants.

Our Green Roofing Services

Consultation and Planning

Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals. We’ll provide expert recommendations and a customized plan tailored to your property.

Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians will install the green roofing system with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and lasting green roof.

Plant Selection and Installation

We carefully choose appropriate plant species that thrive in Calgary’s climate, ensuring a beautiful and resilient green roof.

Ongoing Maintenance and Care

We offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your green roof remains healthy, vibrant and continues to provide its intended benefits.

Why Choose DiamondCut Roofing for Green Roofing Solutions?

As Calgary’s leading roofing company, DiamondCut Roofing is a partner you can rely on for all your sustainable roofing solutions. Here are more reasons why you should hire us for green roofing services in Calgary;

Unrivalled Expertise

With years of experience specializing in green roofing, our team at DiamondCut Roofing possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We have successfully executed numerous green roofing projects across Calgary, leveraging our deep understanding of local climate conditions and vegetation preferences. This ensures that our solutions are tailor-made to thrive in Calgary’s unique environment, providing you with a robust and sustainable roofing system.

Dedicated to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of what we do at DiamondCut Roofing. We believe in creating roofing solutions that not only protect your property but also contribute positively to the environment. Our green roofing systems are designed to reduce carbon footprint, manage stormwater effectively, enhance energy efficiency, and promote urban biodiversity. When you choose DiamondCut Roofing, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to creating a more sustainable future.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We believe in open communication and collaboration, ensuring we understand your specific needs and goals for your green roofing project. Our team works closely with you throughout the process, providing transparent updates and guiding you through every step of the installation. We believe in building lasting relationships, and our client-centric approach reflects this commitment.

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

At DiamondCut Roofing, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality craftsmanship. We use premium materials and the latest technology to ensure your green roofing system not only looks stunning but also lasts for years to come. Our attention to detail, combined with our dedication to using top-tier materials, ensures a green roof that stands the test of time while adding aesthetic value to your property.

We are a Locally Recognized Roofing Company

As a local Calgary-based company, we are deeply embedded in the community we serve. Our reputation is built on integrity, trust, and the satisfaction of our clients. When you choose DiamondCut Roofing, you’re choosing a company that understands the needs of Calgary businesses and is committed to delivering roofing solutions that align with the city’s values and environmental consciousness.

Let's Build a Greener Tomorrow Together

We believe in a future where commercial roofs not only protect buildings but contribute to a sustainable world. With our expert team, dedication to sustainability, client-focused approach, and unmatched craftsmanship, we pave the way for a greener tomorrow, one roof at a time. Make a choice that matters. Choose DiamondCut Roofing for your green roofing project in Calgary. Let’s create a roofing solution that’s as environmentally conscious as it is aesthetically pleasing. Request a free estimate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plants can be grown on a green roof?

The selection of plants for a green roof depends on various factors, including climate, local conditions, roof structure, and maintenance capabilities. Typically, succulents, sedums, grasses, and herbaceous plants are popular choices due to their ability to thrive in shallow growing mediums and withstand the harsh conditions of a rooftop.

How do green roofs contribute to sustainability?

Green roofs are a sustainable roofing solution as they promote environmental responsibility. They help reduce carbon dioxide levels, mitigate the urban heat island effect, conserve energy, reduce stormwater runoff, and enhance biodiversity. By integrating nature into urban spaces, green roofs contribute to a more sustainable and ecologically balanced environment.

Are green roofs suitable for all types of buildings?

Yes, green roofs can be adapted to a variety of building types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional structures. Their versatility makes them suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects. However, factors such as roof structure, load-bearing capacity, and maintenance accessibility should be considered to ensure a successful green roof installation.

How do I maintain a green roof?

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the health and longevity of a green roof. Maintenance tasks include weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and monitoring drainage systems. An annual inspection by a professional is recommended to identify any issues and ensure the vegetation is thriving.

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Stephen and his team were very professional and did great work. Roof and detached garage were completed quickly and there was no mess to clean up. Highly recommend!
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Blair Lilley
We're such a great company to work with
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cory akins
Professional, affordable, and great work.
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Captain Superawesome
Great service, very professional
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Chris Conrod
Steve and his team are excellent and very professional. I would recommend to use them for any roof related services!
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Hussain Mohammed Ali
Steve and his team provided excellent service for our flat roof replacement. Clean up of old tar and gravel roof was done quickly with minimum disruption and then new roof was installed in a matter of days. Communication was excellent and if any/all questions were answered as required. While I hope we don't need another roof for a long time, I would not hesitate to use DiamondCut again.
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Tobias Linder
We employed their services, no regrets. Solid & thorough
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Victor Wokekoro
Solid company with an awesome owner. Great work done right!
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Cory Tanner
Stephen was great to work with. The job was completed as discussed, cleanup was good and the invoice was as expected. I highly recommend DiamondCut Roofing!! Thanks Stephen!
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Janice L
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