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Commercial Skylight Installation In Calgary

In any commercial building, the role of natural light can not be overlooked. And one of the best ways you can let natural light into your premises is by installing skylights. This roof design isn’t only aesthetically appealing but it also saves energy. If you’re considering installing skylights in your commercial building in Calgary, contact DiamondCut Roofing today for professional solutions. 

Commercial Skylight Installation Calgary

Skylight Installation Experts

For the past 10 years, DiamondCut Roofing has installed hundreds of skylights. Its one of our most frequently requested commercial roofing services in Calgary. We take pride in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments by seamlessly integrating innovative skylight solutions. 

Our commitment to precision and quality shines through every project, as we leverage cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to enhance natural lighting in commercial spaces. Whether you are looking to create a vibrant and energy-efficient workspace or elevate the aesthetic appeal of your establishment, our skilled professionals deliver unparalleled craftsmanship.

What are the Benefits of Skylights in Commercial Spaces?

1. Skylights Can Boost Productivity

Skylights bring in natural light, boosting energy levels and productivity. They can transform your workspace into a vibrant haven, turning dull days into sunny workdays.

2. They are Cost-Efficient

Skylights save on electricity bills by harnessing natural light. An eco-friendly solution that adds a touch of sophistication, proving that going green not only makes sense but also saves cents!

3. Skylights Create a Healthier and Happier Environment

Beyond illumination, skylights contribute to employee well-being by enhancing mood and reducing stress. Create a sunlit sanctuary for a healthier, happier workplace.

4. Architectural Wow Factor

Skylights are not just features; they are focal points that add architectural elegance. They make a lasting impression with a statement piece that sets your commercial space apart.

5. They Can Increase Property Value

Investing in skylights is not just about enhancing your current space; it’s an investment in your property’s overall value. Skylights add a touch of luxury and modernity that can significantly increase the resale value of your commercial property.

Our Skylight Installation Process


We kick off with a detailed consultation to understand your vision, requirements, and space dynamics. This sets the foundation for a tailored skylight solution.

Site Assessment

Our experts conduct an on-site assessment, evaluating structural considerations and ensuring compliance with safety standards. This informs the design and planning phase, where we customize the skylight solution to your specific needs.

Provision of a Proposal

We present a comprehensive proposal encompassing custom design plans, material options, and a clear cost breakdown. This transparent overview ensures alignment with your expectations before moving forward.


Our skilled team takes charge of the professional installation process, prioritizing precision and efficiency. We work to minimize disruptions to your commercial activities, delivering a seamlessly integrated skylight design.

Quality Check and Client Approval

Before completion, we conduct a rigorous quality check to ensure structural integrity, energy efficiency, and design compliance. We invite you for a final walkthrough, making any necessary adjustments to guarantee your satisfaction with the finished skylight installation.

Why Choose DiamondCut Roofing for Commercial Skylight Installation in Calgary?

Choose DiamondCut Roofing for your commercial skylight installation in Calgary, and experience the perfect combination of expertise, innovation, and personalized service. Illuminate your space with confidence and elevate your business to new heights with our premier skylight solutions. Here are a couple of reasons why you should hire us; 

We are the Best Roofing Company in Calgary

With years of industry experience, our team brings unparalleled expertise to every commercial skylight installation project. From complex architectural designs to energy-efficient solutions, we have the knowledge to handle diverse requirements with precision.

We Use Tailored Solutions for Every Business

We understand that each commercial space is unique. That’s why we take a personalized approach, working closely with clients to tailor skylight solutions that align seamlessly with their vision, brand identity, and operational needs.

We Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology

Embracing the latest advancements in skylight technology, we ensure that our installations not only meet but exceed industry standards. From materials to installation techniques, we employ cutting-edge solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Our Rates are Super Competitive

Transparency is at the core of our business ethos. We provide detailed and transparent proposals, ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of the project scope and costs. Our competitive pricing reflects our commitment to delivering value without compromising on quality.

We are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

At DiamondCut Roofing, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guide clients through every step of the process, from initial consultation to post-installation support. Our dedication to delivering exceptional results ensures that your commercial space not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that skylights are a good fit for my commercial building in Calgary?

Our experts conduct a thorough site assessment to evaluate structural considerations, environmental factors, and your specific requirements. This ensures that the skylight installation is customized to seamlessly integrate with your building.

Are there different types of skylights available for commercial properties?

Are skylights easy to maintain in Calgary's climate?

Modern skylights are designed with durability and ease of maintenance in mind. Regular cleaning and inspection may be required, but our installations are equipped to withstand the varying weather conditions in Calgary, ensuring long-term performance.

How can I get started with a commercial skylight installation project?

Simply contact us to schedule an initial consultation. Our team will assess your needs, provide a customized proposal, and guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and successful skylight installation for your commercial property in Calgary.

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Stephen and his team were very professional and did great work. Roof and detached garage were completed quickly and there was no mess to clean up. Highly recommend!
Blair Lilley
Blair Lilley
We're such a great company to work with
cory akins
cory akins
Professional, affordable, and great work.
Captain Superawesome
Captain Superawesome
Great service, very professional
Chris Conrod
Chris Conrod
Steve and his team are excellent and very professional. I would recommend to use them for any roof related services!
Hussain Mohammed Ali
Hussain Mohammed Ali
Steve and his team provided excellent service for our flat roof replacement. Clean up of old tar and gravel roof was done quickly with minimum disruption and then new roof was installed in a matter of days. Communication was excellent and if any/all questions were answered as required. While I hope we don't need another roof for a long time, I would not hesitate to use DiamondCut again.
Tobias Linder
Tobias Linder
We employed their services, no regrets. Solid & thorough
Victor Wokekoro
Victor Wokekoro
Solid company with an awesome owner. Great work done right!
Cory Tanner
Cory Tanner
Stephen was great to work with. The job was completed as discussed, cleanup was good and the invoice was as expected. I highly recommend DiamondCut Roofing!! Thanks Stephen!
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Janice L
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